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The Manis Report

Beyond the media conspiracy...

80% of the nation's media is owned by the same five companies. They choose the President, start the wars, and decide the policies. Because as the founding fathers understood, only a free press can guarantee our freedom, the nation's freedom is in the hands of the Internet community.

The Manis Report is a website and newsletter that analyzes the news and selects news and opinion that pierces through the media illusion


NEW! The March of Folly

Iraq: The Duct Tape War!

Lotts of Racism!

Media Bites Election!

IRAQ WAR - Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

IRAQ: The New Children's Crusade

THE 9/11 COVERUP: None Dare Call It Treason?

Enron Suicide Note is Fake!

Nazi Eagle On U.S. Stamp

What Did Nixon Know About the Kennedy Assassination?

Secret Government, One Party State

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9/11 Investigators can't get security clearances... US uses radioactive weapons...US still providing N.Korea with Nuclear Information...

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