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Enron Suicide Note Could be a Fake

Robert Manis, The Manis Report, April 11, 2002

On January 25, 2002, Enron Executive Cliff Baxter was found dead, an apparent suicide, the night before he was to testify to Congress against his employer.  Doubts were raised at the time about his motives, but things came to head on April 10, when CBS Nightly News raised the question of murder.  CBS noted that the body was moved, rare special bullets were used that prevented ballastic identification of the weapon, and the body’s hands were not bagged to allow the coroner to examine for traces of gunpowder on the hands.

Today, to quell the rumors, Houston officials released Baxter’s suicide note.  But there is a problem.  The suicide note may well be a fake.  Written completely in block letters in the style of kidnap note, including the so-called signature, there is not a single factor in content, handwriting or style that could not have been written by any one else on the planet.  In short, it was no proof at all.

What’s worse is that Houston authorities have long resisted releasing the note claiming it revealed “intimate family details”. No such details were apparent in the note.

Baxter’s body was found lying next to his car.  Try this experiment: Write a note on the car’s dashboard or on the car’s hood. The note shows no evidence of indentation as if written on a dashboard, and no scratchiness as if written on a hood or roof.

The worst thing is Baxter’s alleged signature.   Even if writing block style, few people will resist signing their own name in their usual style, yet Baxter allegedly did so, even though he was writing to his own wife.

Call it Texas Justice.  In August of last year, J.W. Hatfield, author of “Fortune Son” a biography of George W. Bush that alleged his cocaine use, was found dead in a motel room  apparently of a “self inflicted” wound, despite fathering a month old child. A suicide note was claimed to have been found.  One wonders if that note was also signed in block letters.

You may view the note  here.